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The Mortal’s Way

Turkish Hodja Proverb: One day four boys approached Hodja and gave him a bagful of walnuts. “Hodja, we can’t agree how to divide these walnuts amongst ourselves fairly. Can you please help us?” Hodja asked the boys “Do you want God’s way of distribution or mortal’s way?” “We want God’s way” the children replied. Hodja […]

1 City. 15 Projects. Over $20 Billion in Value.

This is your ‘one-stop-shop’ to fifteen of San Francisco’s largest construction projects, owners and primes in order to grow your local, small and disadvantaged business. This is a FREE event! Projects and their relevant primes confirmed to participate in this event include: California High Speed Rail CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital Projects […]

LLC’s Can Now Get CSLB License

SB 392 passed state legislators and will allow the CSLB to approve LLC’s (limited liability company) for a contractor’s license. However, don’t for a second be fooled, this bill was all about money. Now that the law has passed, the CSLB is sure to have found a new way to get fees from persons whom already […]

Subscription Request – Sign Me Up!

The BN E-Journal is FREE and ideal for all Government Bidders, however our plan room service carries commercial and residential project leads (a paid service). This publication is emailed Monday-Friday (automated). You can expect the following information:– News Articles – Notice Inviting Bids – Request for Subs & Suppliers – Basic Information on Projects Bidding […]

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