Double Your Sales Lead Results

In every industry selling your products or services is a major key to your success as an entity. To sell anything you must create and stick to a sales plan and marketing plan, two different objectives that assist each other. A sales plan is the what, why, who, when, how, where of your product or service.

The What is simple, you are selling a service and likely a product to accompany that service. So first you need to select Who: the who should be a sales oriented, dedicated, focused, persistent yet friendly salesperson. Sales is usually a natural talent, you can spot this person by how friendly and talkative they are when you first meet them. Sales people and typically social and the “everyones friend” type. The selection of this person is key and they do not need to know every facet of your industry, the estimator or project manager is keen for that task. The When: A scheduled plan should be dedicated to for a term no less than 6 months, in six months you can easily see the results and double or tripple your sales.

Next is the strategy part How & Where; you need to make a proven plan of how and where you will obtain the sales leads. A service (like Builders Notebook) can provide you with leads for a specific area. Alternately you may be part of an organization, trade association, or other social club, and this is a great place to get leads as well. Regardles of how and where, you will need a plan stating the how and where.

After you have solved the basics of your plan, I recommend paying a professional sales writer to write a sales introduction letter, follow up script, appointment script, and several other after the fact letters. This will assist the salesperson with following the leads from meeting through project closure.

Part of your marketing plan should include at the very least, company t-shirts, truck and car signage, and site signage with your logo and phone number easily read from a distance.

To learn more about construction leads provided daily to your email, contact our office at 1-877-776-5436. We currently cover Santa Barbara County and parts of Ventura County.

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