Jesusita Fire: Marketing to Residents Who Have Lost Their Home

Although most folks in the construction industry truely want to help re-build our community, effectively marketing yourself to the property owners who have lost their homes in a fire is a difficult task. These property owners have so much to deal with that any attempt to help them move forward can be viewed as opportunism, which as we all know is clearly not the case. They may feel attacked or over burdened, and emotionally scarred from this very traumatic event.

In all reality the government doesn’t make it any easier for them. The process to re-build comes with stop lights and pressure from every direction. Unless their home was recently built, there may be new laws & codes to overcome, and fear sets in after they realize they will never live in the same home they once had.

There is no need to attack them with agressive marketing tactics. Gentle, helpful ideas are best.

If you would like to connect with these home owners, come up with a clever marketing idea such as:

1.) Offer a free seminar to help them (topic of your choice) and market the free seminar in an agressive style.

2.) Offer a Webinar (same as seminar but over the web and can be viewed over and over).

3.) Advertising by mail at first may not be the best angle, but you might try TV or radio advertisments (which should be part of an ongoing marketing plan).

4.) If your trade is towards the beginning of a project you may want to contact local insurance adjusters and give them a stack of your business cards.

5.) Lastly, think of an idea that will grab their attention from a different way. In example everyone works, shops for groceries, eats, buys gas, etc. Try to see what you can come up with to market to them without needing to mention the fire (this is less threatening).

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